Little Boys Are Told To Slap A Girl On The Face, Their Response? I Wish All The Men Were Like Them!

Even though we hear of gender equality everywhere on the social media, there still are women out there who are victims of violence. The big question to our government is how they can educate all the citizens that there is no need for beating women in our society. Because of this big question, some team of men decided to conduct a research so that they could find out how the world could be if all had the heart of kids.

In the video below, we see quite a number of kids from Italy being put to test to actually find how they think of and see women in our society. They are asked what their names are and what they would like to do when they grow up. It is amazing to see how each kid gives a different answer and his explanation.


Later, the little boys are presented with a teen girl and asked what they think of her. All the little boys say that she is a beautiful girl and each one of them gives the reason why she is beautiful.

Upon being asked to give her a slap on the cheek, they rejected dong it saying that … watch the clip below and find out what children think of women in our society. Please SHARE this amazing video to everyone by posting it on your Facebook wall!

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