Grandpa Makes One Final Adventure In The Woods With His Grandson. What The Boy Learns Is Incredible!!

Be ready for some fun! What you are about to see is a short documentary called, “Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven.” This video portrays a special relationship between the grandfather and his grandson as they make an adventure into the woods, of course the last one.

This is a relationship full of humor and overflowing love. It can be noted that the young one is a clever boy while on the other hand the grandfather is surely a wise man. What they do in the video makes them to be considered as good friends, for they speak openly about any topic, be it politics, jokes, sex or love. This adventure is well planned, for the grandfather knowing that he has few days left of living; he makes up his mind to go into the forest with his grandson in search of chanterelles. This adventure is to offer the young boy some secrets on how to look and cook the mushrooms. It is indeed a video which offers a mirror image on being young and being old.


Halfway the video, a playful friendship is portrayed between the boy and the old man. It is a retro from the current to time back, when the grandson was just a baby. It can be openly noticed that there exists a strong bond between the two of them, from the beginning. However there is this sad moment in the video that broke our hearts

Directed by, Johan Palmgren and Åsa Blanck. At 2013 Aspen Shorts Fest, it won Best Documentary. Please SHARE this heart moving video to your friends on Facebook!

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