When They Put Cameras In Hospital Rooms, They Had No Idea What They Would Capture…Until They Found This Out!

This is what I’ve telling everybody, and I don’t do gossip.

If everyone was like Jaren Axen, this planet would be tens of times better than it is today. And it’s not like Jaren is a superhero, but merely because he’s just a nurse.

Every patient at the Valencia Hospital, California, knows Jaren as the God-sent Angel, and the reasons they’ll give you for that will have you wanting to get the whole story.


With the grace and the efficiency of Frank Sinatra, Jaren Axen is always in the mood to lift up his patients’ spirits whenever he has a chance, and this video was recorded by the cameras put in the hospital room where this lady was hospitalized.

Watch as he moves her to tears with his charm. From the look of it, you can agree that this guy connects with his patients from a deeper level than anyone else. He feels their pain and agony, and he wants to change that. By his own words on his blog, Axen believes in giving the people the happiness that they deserve, even in their final moments.

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